Healing Your Child Self Journal Template Instructions

Access the journal template here if you’re ready to begin immediately. To learn how it works, click here. Otherwise, scroll down for instructions.

healing child


When you arrive at the template, you’ll see very brief instructions followed by a series of prompts. Beneath each prompt is space for you to type your answers directly into the template.

Above the prompts is a space to insert your email address. You’ll do this so the template can automatically email journal entries to you. Your privacy is our priority. We will never share your email address with anyone.

The most important element in your journaling activity is your mindset. Here are mindsets to avoid:

Intellectual. This isn’t an intellectual exercise.

Resistant. Be open to any thoughts and feelings that come to mind. This isn’t a search for objective truth and it is not a place to skepticism or resistance.

Critical. Never criticize yourself for opening up to these kinds of explorations.

Here are some mindsets to embrace:

Mostly, an open-minded, mindful exploration is best. To put it simply, write your responses with your heart. You can evaluate later!

All set? Access your template here.

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