What is my Future? Techniques to Understand What’s in Store for You

Topic: What is my future

I get it. I used to sit around asking myself that same question. What is my future? Where will I end up? Will my hopes and dreams come true?

Can you know your future? Yes and no. Let’s be real. Asking what is my future certainly means you can conceive of your future. However, nobody can know your future, including you.

Even prophets and sages and seers and crystal ball gazers don’t know. There are people who swear by psychics, but in the end, confirmation bias is responsible for their ‘success.’

There are much better ways to deal with the old what is my future conundrum.

Here’s the logic to use to set yourself up to get the future you want…

You should create your own confirmation bias. In other words, turn your future into a self-fulfilling prophecy.



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